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All our glassware is hand made in Tonalá, a suburb of the city of Guadalajara. Our products are manufactured in a remote workshop by a couple who learnt their trade through the generations and it's made without the use of any heavy machinery, making the process of recycled glass 100% hand made and original. For that reason each and every piece is unique becoming a true representative of "Mexican Crafts".

Our glass is manufactured from recycled coca-cola and pepsi glass, it's lead-free and dishwasher safe, although we recommend washing them by hand.

We have an eclectic and ample range of shapes and colours. Add a Mexican flavour to your dinner table with these Margarita, Martini, Beer, Whisky, Brandy, Wine, Highball and Tequila glasses or Water Jugs.

Blue Tequila Shot

9cm tall approx

Price £4.00

Blue Wine

18cm tall approx

Price £10.00

Out of Stock

Blue Margarita

15cm tall approx

Price £12.00

Out of Stock

Blue Highball

17cm tall approx

Price £7.50

Out of Stock

Blue Brandy

14cm tall approx

Price £10.00

Out of Stock

We have a wide range available in our shop